This is me. Katarina, Katy, Katka. 20-something year young woman with passions for everything fun that makes me live to my fullest.

And this is my world full of delicious, plant-and-love-based dishes I love to munch on. These beautiful, fuss-free and nourishing meals that make me and my boy* the healthiest and the most energetic creatures I know. And I hope that they will make you healthy, happy and radiant as well!

Plant based dishes were always the centre of my diet, even when growing up. I was always helping my grandma in the kitchen – standing on a chair and cutting out cookies from the dough, kneading bread with my tiny hands, licking up on spatula covered in chocolate, flipping through pages in her cookbooks.

My mother taught me how to appreciate great food, the Italian way. Her partner was Italian. I mean, it was damn amazing childhood, filled with gorgeous people, lovely souls, unforgettable memories and delicious food. Food has always been such a big deal in my life, I knew I would have never given up on it. And here I am, writing my online cookbook, where my healthyy and nourishing dreams meet my plate.

If you are ready to glow inside-out,

if you are ready to have a blast in the kitchen,

if you are ready to make beautiful foods that taste incredible,

you are at the right place. Here, I will show you your new and healthier you.

So, come and join me, we can ride the rollercoaster of this delicious and beautiful life together! :)




*(My boy-understand my partner who I share my passions and my whole life with). We are currently living in Plymouth, England.


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