Chocolate, Rye and Beetroot Muffins. Čokoládovo-ražné muffinky s červenou repou.

I will speak to you for a while before I jump into the recipe for these finger-licking muffins.

´Listen to your body. It´s smarter than you.´

Our bodies are smart. Very smart. If they could win the Nobel Prize for telling us what we should be doing, they certainly would.

Our bodies always tell us what they need. But the question is whether we listen to them or not. Our bodies are sending us messages about how we feel all the time, our bodies talk to us. And the only way how to listen to it, is to tune every cell in your body, mind and heart into one. Take a deep breath, relax.

I believe that we don´t listen to it. To our body, to our heart. I mean it. When was the last time found yourself a quiet place, sat down and reflected quietly?

Well, try it, it´s never too late. It does wonders. It does wonders to your health, inside out. All of a sudden, you will realise, what you need to do, why you feel the way you feel. This doesn´t need to take long. Only take some time off your schedule, sink into yourself and be. Be you.
I know how challenging is to pay attention to ourselves-such a simple task to do. With everything that´s happening in this beautifully crazy world, we have started losing connections to the really important things in life, we stopped giving ourselves time to heal, relax, explore and play.

Let´s get back to ourselves. Let´s listen to what we need, what we want.Let´s sit down, close your eyes, be still. Appreciate the time that won´t come back and be. You will find answers for all of your questions.

So, we don´t listen or we listen too much. Just like when standing in front of our fridge, starving and not being able to decide what to eat. With billion of diets out there, we struggle to put together a meal that would fit into each of these extreme ´rules´ the society has created. People starve themselves or binge until they can no longer eat. They don´t embrace whole foods just like the Mother N intended, they buy ready-made meals as a shortcut to cooked dinner. If ony they were right. No wonder we are all confused about what to actually eat. Food shouldn´t be this complicated, right? That is just crazy. And that´s why everyone is super confused about what we should be actually eating. We hear this modern diets that appear to be like miracles, but they are not. They are guidelines which may work for some individuals, but not for every single precious human being.

And that´s why you should create your own rules, tune to your body and heart and listen to what you really need to be like for yourself. Your heart and body know the way, trust yourself.Eat whole foods, embrace what you think is best for you, nourish yourself. You are original, you are one of a kind. Take care of your body, it will take care of you.

I never crave chocolate. It is just not in me. But what I craved for the last couple of days was cacao. Bitter, beautiful, raw cacao. I had to have it. And this was the creation!

It´s only Tuesday, not even the middle of the week, and I am here, tempting you with chocolate muffins that taste like fudge and heaven mixed together. Forgive me. Fogive me and bake them. Everyone will adore them.

They are full of goodness like rye flour, ground almonds and beetroot. I know, don´t be put off. You love carrot cake? This is kind of similar. It is a beautiful vegetable that helps (chocolate!) cakes to stay moist. It lends them the earthy, decadent flavour. And I mean, chocolate and beetroot is THE combo in winter months.

So why is beetroot great for you? The list of its health benefetis goes on and on ;it is quite possibly endless. But here are some highlights of this gorgeous vegetable.
Rich in fiber, magnesium, vitamin C (forget about citrus fruit and enjoy these instead!), iron, copper. It is anti-inflammatory, fights cancer, helps clease the blood and liver. They protect us against heart diseas. Contains folic acid which is super important for for the production of new cells. Beetroots are natural energy boosters, they are rich in potassium. They are full of antioxidants and improve memory! I mean, for something so small and gorgeously red-it´s quite something, isn´t it? :-) So, eat your beets, eat them in salads and with cacao as well! :-)

Chocolate, Rye and Beetroot Muffins

1 cup wholemeal rye flour
1/2 cup light rye flour
1/2 cup ground almonds
5 tbs cacao powder
2 tsp baking powder (phosphate free)
1 tsp baking soda
pinch of sea salt
2 eggs, divided
1/3 cup olive oil
1/4-3/4 cup maple syrup, brown rice syrup or honey
1 cup plant based milk (coconut milk, almond..)
1 big or 2 smaller beetroots
50 g good quality dark chocolate, chopped (with at least 85% cacao content) – optional

First of all, grate your beetroot. It might take some time to grate it finely and you will end up with purple hands, but it is quite fun. And so worth it-you are just about to bake beautiful muffins!

Preheat your oven (with washed hands) to 200°C. Line a muffin pan with muffin cases.

Mix together flours, ground almonds, baking powder, baking soda and tiny pinch of salt. And cacao with almost all of your chopped chocolate – very important not to forget to mix in the cacao and chocolate as that´s what it is all about! :-)

In another bowl, whipp up together egg yolks and sweetnener of your choice ontil fluffy, light and beautifully yellow. Add in oil, milk.

Fold your dry mixture into the egg yolk fluff – mix only about 5 times, donot over mix your muffin dough. Never.

Fold in beetroot, mix until just combined.

Add in 1/2 of the whipped egg whites, slowly. Add the rest, combine until just folded through, light and airy. Don´t overmix as you will lose all of the air of the egg whites.

Pour the beautiful batter into your muffins cases until 3/4 full.

Sprinkle some reserved chocolate on top if desired. Bake for about 15-20 minutes, until the skewer inserted in the middle of your muffin comes out still a bit stick, but not too wet. You want them to be beautifully moist.

Store in the fridge for about 3 days, or freeze for up to 3 months.

Serve them with milk on a side, still warm from the oven. They are also delicious a bit cold from the fridge as they taste like a chocolate fudge or brownies! :)

Listen to yourself, enjoy these beauties and soak in all of the goodness in your life.
Love, Katy.


Predtym ako sa pustime do tychto uzasnych muffiniek, trosku sa vam tu rozpisem.

´Pocuvajte svoje telo. Je mudrejsie ako vy. ´

Nase telo je mudre. Velmi mudre. Ak by malo vyhrat Nobelovu cenu za to, ze nam neustale vysiela do hlavy signaly ako a co s nim mame robit, tak tu cenu by teda rozhodne dostalo.

Nase telo nam vzdy hovori, ako sa citi. Myslim ale, ze je tu jeden velky problem v tom, ze nikdy ho nepocuvame. Posiela nam spravy, varovne signaly a tajne sifry, ktorym by sme mali porozumiet. A na to nam staci jedine-naladit kazdy kusok svojho tela, duse a srdca; zatvorit si oci, zhlboka dychat, relaxovat a pocuvat.

Naozaj verim v to, ze by sme mali opat zacat pocuvat vsetko, s cim sa nam nase telo posepky zveruje. Teraz vazne-kedy ste si naposledy sadli niekde na tiche a osamele miesto, len vy so sebou samym, a len ste vnimali samych seba?

Mozno nikdy. Ale nevadi, nikdy nie je neskoro zacat pocuvat. Prinasa to zazraky vam, vasmu telu a vasej mysli. Zrazu si yacnete uvedomovat co mate robit, preco to mate robit a preco sa citite ako sa citite. A ani to nemusi trvat dlhe hodiny. Zacnite s par minutami, kde pre vas vsetko ostatne prestane existovat a len budete. Budete v momente.

Naozaj viem, ake tazke je venovat sa samemu sebe; venovat si cas v tomto nabitom zivote, ktore je tak krasne sialeny. Ale uz to zachadza daleko, moc sa stracame a nevieme cestu naspat. Zabudame na tie jednoduche veci v zivote, kedy musime spomalit, dat si cas na zahojenie vsetkeho cim prechadzame, dat si cas na objavovanie a zabavu.

Tak to skusme. Skusme pocuvat co nam nase uzasne telo hovori-co potrebujeme a co chceme. Sadnime si, zavrime oci a budme. Vazme si cas, ktory sa uz nikdy nevrati. Yapocuvajte sa a najdete odpovede na vase otazky.

Takze, bud nepocuvame alebo pocuvame az prilis. Ay dovtedy, dokym sa neocitneme v kuchyni pred chladnickou, vyhladovani na smrt po dlhanskom dni v praci a nebyt schopni sa rozhodnut co vlastne jest, cim nakrmit unavene a hladne telo. Z kazdej strany sa na nas valia rozne pravidla ako jest, co jest, co nejest, co uplne vyhodit z jedalnicka a na co uplne zabudnut. A tak zabudame na to, ze jedlo by malo byt potesenie a nie trapenie. Malo by nas dobit energiou a nie v nas vzbudzovat pocit viny za to, ze ´nesplname´ pravidla stravovania, ktore mozu pomahat jednemu, no nie vsetkym. kzady sme original, kazdy sme jedinecny a iny. Tak si vytvorte vase vlastne pravidla; pocuvajte vase telo a dusu-oni vedia kam ist. Papajte tak, aby ste nakrmili kazdu vasu bunku zivinami, ktore potrebuje. Jedzte tak, aby ste si vychutnali zivot kazdym duskom (a sustom). Starajte sa o vase telo, vase telo sa postara o vas.

Skoro nikdy nemam chut na cokoladu. Ano, viem, znie t neuveritelne. Az ked minuly tyzden, mi na chut prisla cokolada, vlastne lepsie povedane, kakao. Horka chut neprazeneho kakaa, ktoru som do seba potrebovala dostat. No, a tu je vysledok :)

Viem, ze je streda vecer a do vikendu ostava este vela casu. Prepacte mi. Prepacte mi a tieto skvele muffinky si upecte hned ako budete moct. Uplne sa do nich zblaznite!
Su plne samych dobrych veci ako napriklad razna muka, mlete mandle a cervena repa. Ano, cervena repa. Ale nezlaknite sa, tak isto ako sa nelakate, ked si vychutnavate kusok mrkvoveho kolaca.

Zelenina ´poziciava´ kolacom uzasnu vlacnost, jemnost a naturalnu sladkost; jemnu zemitu chut a uzasnost. A ta kombinacia cokolady a cervenej repy je neodolatelna. A nieco take rozhodne musite mat v tychto chladnych mesiacoch!

Cervena cvikla je pre nas nesmierne zdrava. Zacnem tym, ze je plna antioxidantov, vlakniny, zeleza, vitaminu C (dajte organizmu trosku vydychnut od citrusov), horcika, kyseliny listovej. Je to naturalny zivota budic, pomaha v boji proti rakovine a v boji proti ochoreniam srdca. Nieco co je tak malicke, toho v sebe ukryva neurekom. Do toho, s cviklou do salatov a kolacov! :-)

Čokoládovo-ražné muffinky s červenou repou

1 salka celozrnnej raznej muky
1/2 salky raznej hladkej muky
1/2 salky pomletych mandli
2 lyzicky prasku do peciva (bezfosfatovy prasok do peciva)
1 lyzicka sody bikarbony
stipka soli
5 lyzic praveho a poriadneho kakaa (ja pouzivam vzdy raw – neprazene kakao)
2 poriadne vajicka od stastnych sliepok
1/3 salky olivoveho oleja
1/4-3/4 salky javoroveho sirupu, medu, ryzoveho sladu (vsetko zalezi na vasej chuti-ak by ste chceli mat muffinky krasne horke po cokolade a kakau, odporucam pouzit tak 1/3-1/2 salky sladidla; ak chcete aby boli muffinky sladucke, pouzite 3/4 salky sladidla-experimentujte!:)
1 salka rastlinneho mlieka alebo mlieka podla vasej chuti (ja zboznujem pouzivat kokosove!)
1 velika cervena cvikla alebo 2 mensie
50 g  kvalitnej horkej cokolady (obsah kakao aspon 85%) – moze byt, no nemusi

Najprv dajte vsetko bokom a pustite sa do struhania cvikle. Postruhajte ju na jemnucko-pouzite tie najmensie zubky na vasom struhadle. Trosku to potrva, no verte mi, je to celkom sranda. A stoji to za to-peciete predsa uzasne cokoladove muffinky!

Predhrejte si ruru na 200°C (umyte si ruky, lebo naozaj nechcete mat nic krasne ruzove od cvikly). Formu na muffinky si vylozte papierovymi kosickami. Nasekajte si cokoladu na male kusky.

V mise si spolu zmiesajte muky, mlete mandle, prasok do peciva, sodu bikarbonu, stipku soli, cacao a vacsinu cokolady (nieco si nehajte na dozdobenie muffiniek).

V inej miske si spolu do zlta a penista vymiesajte zltka so sladidlom vasej chuti. Potom pridajte olej a mlieko.

Primiesajte vase sypke ingrediencie do zltkoveho zakladu-premiesajte len par krat, dokym sa hmoty neprepoja.

Zlahka primiesajte vasu nastruhanu cviklu.

Vymiesajte si bielka do peny. Pridajte 1/2 bielok do cokoladoveho cesta, jemne premiesajte a pridajte zbytok bielkov. Snazte sa zbytocne moc nepremiesavat cesto-znicili by ste tie krasne vzduchove bublinky zo snehu z bielkov.

Cesto porozdelujte do muffinkovych kosickov – plnte do 3/4 kosickov. Posypte vasimi zvysnymi cokoladovymi kuskami.

Pecte asi tak 15-20 minut, dokym nie su krasne ´nafuknute´. Skuste sparatkovy test po 15tich minutach pecenia-sparatko by malo po zapichnuti do stredu muffinky byt stale trosku lepkave, no nie moc mokre od cesta a uz vobec nie suche – chcete mat muffinky krasne vlacne!

Skladujte v chladnicke po dobu 3 dni alebo zamrazte aby ste ich nezjedli vsetky naraz po dobu 3 mesiacov.

Najepsie chutia teple so salkou mlieka alebo chladne z chladnicky-vtedy chutia skoro ako brownies!

Uzite si pecenie, pocuvajte vlastne telo (je vasim najlepsim doktorom) a nasiakne do seba vsetko to dobre z tohto sveta.

S laskou, Katka.


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