Poppy Seed Squares and Superfoods. Makové kocky a superfoods.

I believe in whole foods. I believe, that the food can be your medicine as our Mother Nature has intented. And I believe, that the food is here for celebrating, for pleasure and for nourishing and healing every single cell in our body.

Every country has its own beautiful foods that were there, enjoyed through many generations for their different health benefits. And their flavour and taste of course! So don´t get fooled; you don´t have to buy everything from the shelves from your local health food shop just so you could stack on every seed there is, every superfood green powder known. The simplest thing you have to do is to look around you. Look into your grandmother´s kitchen and see what she cooks with, how she embraces the traditions that were passed onto her from her mother. It might be a small thing like using butter instead of nasty vegetables oils; it might be slow cooking instead of frying. Everything they do, they do for a reason. And we al know, that older generations of people really knew how to nourish themselves. They ate less, they made the most out of their food, they respected whatever beautiful food was on the table, they sat down to a meal. And their fed their families with their own superfoods.

In Slovakia, we always knew that making our own sauerkraut made for a happy and healthy family.
Families always make it a special sauerkraut day when they manage to drag home 20kg bag of cabbage. They lay out rugs and carpets across the kitchen, they take out this wooden ´razor´ from behind their cupboards and the fun bits begins. Slicing and cutting cabbages into thin strips and pressing them into a ceramic barrel with spices, salt, apples and beetroot. Fun for the whole family, tradition that we still love embracing. And then the moment of fermenation starts, where we wait for the sauerkrat to be ready, smelly and sauer so we could munch on it everytime we pass the barrel!

Or, what we always do – stuffing our cakes with plenty of homegrown walnuts. Because we always knew they are good for you. And that they taste delicious, make the filling of cakes crunchy and make your brain works amazingly!

We know, that the cheese we can get from a nearby farm is cheese like no other – traditionally made with farmers who wouldn´t trade their sheeps and goats for nothing in this world. They pamper them so they could provide an amazing cheese that makes for the best tasting cheese we use for preparing our traditional meal. Full of good stuff your body craves, full of goodness and flavour you can´t get enough of.

We also know, that kefir, the beautiful sour milk with living bacteria, keeps your gut healthy. It does wonders for your digestion and immune system. It helps to stimulate the endurance of your immune system, it fights against nasty bacteria that wanders through your gut, it works brilliantly as a natural waz of getting rid of constipation and immflamatory problems. And it tastes incredible with roasted potatoes – my grandfather´s favourite meal eaten with the oldest wooden spoon right out of a pan.

And also, there is this beautiful ´super´ food I adore – humble poppy seeds. If I had a day-to-day supplier of them, I would eat them every day. I have never seen poppy seeds that are eaten in such an amouts enywhere else in the world than in my lovely homeland – Slovakia. We grind them and eat them in sweet buns, strudels, mixed with pasta as a sweet main dish – or – I eat them with a spoon straight from a bag. or mixed with coconut yoghurt. This stuff is so brilliant! And have I mentioned they get along really well with apples, cinnamon and walnuts? There you go – everything you need for beautiful skin, hair, nails, bones, good digestion – under one roof! :) In most countries, growing poppy seeds is simply forbidden – they contain an opium which will make you go funny if eaten in a really large quantities. Nothing to worry about if you enjoy it as a normal human being.

Poppy seeds are full of calcium, fibre, iron, zinc, magnezium, protein, omega 3 and 6, full of folic acid and plenty of other vitamins. Incredible for such a tiny seed, isn´t it?! It helps your immune system to stay strong, makes you sleep and go to toilet better, it helps with lowering the bad ´LDL´ cholesterol, calms your nervous system.. I mean, the list goes on and on and on.

And that´s why I created this beautiful cake. The pastry is not that important (although is really scrumptious, tasty and buttery; and made with rye flour that´s full of B vitamins), I just needed something that will hold the gorgeous poppy seed paste together.

When there are people with iron deficiency; people who suffer from dry hair and nails; people who need to help their immune system – they tend to swallow ridiculously big and funky tasting pills – this is much tastier and kinder way how to nourish ourselves, don´t you think? :)

They are insanely good for you, totally scrumptious, moist and addicting. Be careful about getting drugged from these, though!:)

Poppy Seed Squares

210g rye flour (I used 180g wholemeal rye and 30g white rye)
140g good quality butter
1 happy egg
1/2 tsp fine sea salt
1 tsp honey

200g ground poppy seeds
200 ml coconut milk (full fat!)
100 ml water
2 cinnamon sticks
2 stars of anise
1 tsp vanilla extract
zest of 1 organic lemon
1 egg
splash of rum or a bit more vanilla extract
ground cinnamon to taste
handful of walnuts, chopped
honey or maple syrup to taste (the first time I baked this cake, I used 1 tablespoon of honey, now I don´t sweeten it at all as I found the natural sweetness of coconut milk and spices to be enough)
1-2 apples, optional

Make the pastry. Mix together flours and salt. Rub in chopped butter, honey and egg. Knead the dough lightly until it comes together. It is ok to have some visible pieces of batter in the pastry. Put it into a plastic bag and let rest in a fridge for at least 1/2 hour.

Meantime, make your gorgeous poppy seed filling. Put coconut milk, water and poppy seeds to a pan over medium heat. Add cinnamon sticks, stars of anise and bring to a gentle simmer. Lower the heat and simmer until the mixture thickens. This should take something around 15-20 minutes. Add sweetner of your choice according to your taste.

Turn off the heat and mix in lemon zest, rum and vanilla. Leave to cool. Take out the cinnamon sticks and stars of anise and then mix in chopped walnuts, cracked egg and shredded apple if using. Taste the mixture, add more cinnamon if desired.

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Grease a small square tin with butter and sprinkle some rye flour over the tin.

Flour your surface. Cut the pastry into 2 equal pieces and roll each piece into the size of your baking pan. Put one piece on the bottom of your pan and prick with fork.

Transfer the paste on top of the pastry and spread out evenly. Lick the spoon you used.
Put the rolled out pastry on top and prick with fork. Brush the pastry with melted butter or egg and bake for about 30 minutes until beautifully golden brown and smelling fantastic.

Leave to cool before slicing. Serve sprinkled with walnuts and maybe drizzled with maple syrup or honey if serving this for men or very sweet people :-)


Verim v zdrave potraviny. Verim, ze jedlo je nasim liekom na vsetko mozne tak ako to matka prirody mala v umysle uz od zaciatku. A verim, ze uzasne a zdrave jedlo nam sluzi na oslavu zivota, potesenie a na vyzivu a liecenie kazdej jednej bunky v nasom tele.

Kazda krajina na svete ma svoje tradicne liecive potraviny, ktore boli v danej krajine uz odjakziva pre svoje blahodarne ucinky. A samozrejme aj pre ich uzasnu chut! Takze sa nedajte poblaznit tymi najnovsimi ´superfoods;´necitte sa, ze musite vykradnut vas najblizsi zdravy obchod o vsetko, co je vystavene na polickach; nemusite mat doma zasobu vsetkych semiacok od vymyslu sveta a nemusite prepadnut panike, ak vam doma chyba jacmenny prasok. Staci vam spravit jedine-poobzerat sa okolo seba, kde zijete. Navstivte vase staru mamu v kuchyni a potichu ju sledujte. Sledujte s cim vari, ako vari.

Vsimnite si ake tradicne potraviny pouziva. Mozu to byt malickosti. Moze to byt pouzivanie domaceho masla namiesto hnusnych a lacnych slnecnicovych olejov. Moze to byt pomale varenie a pecenie namiesto prudkeho vyprazania. Vsetko co sa stari rodicia naucili od svojich rodicov ma opodstatnenie; vsetko co robia, robia pre nejaky dovod, ktory vzdy tak bozsky chuti. A popravde, ta starsia generacia ludi naozaj velmi dobre vedela, co dat svojmu telu aby ho mali v co najlepsom stave. Domace jedla, bylinky, laska, stastie. jednoduche, vsak?:) V starsich casoch im to vsetko fungovalo. Jedli menej, smiali sa viac. Z jedla vytazili vzdy maximum a vzdy nim setrili.
Respektovali vsetko jedlo, co sa polozili na stol a ku zvieratam sa spravali s respektom. Ku jedlu si vzdy sadli za stol-vsetci do jedneho. A telo si chranili svojimi vlastnymi a tradicnymi ´superfoods´.

U nas na Slovenku mame takych ´zazracnych´ potravin neurekom.

Uz odjakziva sme vedeli, ze vyrabat si vlastnu domacu kyslu kapuste je nieco viac ako len napchat pokrajanu kapustu do sudka. Je a bol to vzdy celodenny rodinny projekt, kde sa spoza skrin vytiahli drevene noze a po celej kuchyni sa prestreli koberce a igelit. Cez dvere sa prnieslo 20 kilove vrece kapustnych hlav a zacalo sa velke krajanie kapusty. A ta najlepsia cast celeho kapustovania? cela rodina bola pri tom a cela rodina tlacila kapustu od sudka so vsetkymi tymi koreninami, kuskami jablcok a solou. Potom sa uy len sudok zavrel a cakalo sa dni a dni az pokym kapusta nezacala zblnkovat a smiesne vonat po celom byte. A fermentovana kapusta bola na svete. Ten najlepsi liek na chorobu a ten najchutnejsi sposob ako si pochutnat na vitamine C a zivych bakteriach.

Alebo si u nas v rodnej zemi nevieme vynachvalit domace orechy, na ktorych maskrtime v kolacovych plnkach. Vzdy sme vedeli, ze nielen chutia uzasne, ale su propesne pre cele telo-od vlasov, nechotv, pokozke az po ten najmudrejsi organ v nasom tele. Vlasaky sa u nas pestuju uy po cele generacie a chrumkaju kazdy den.

Bryndza je syr, ktory vieme, ze je ako ziadny iny. A ak pochadza z nedalekej lokalnej farmy, vieme, ze pan domaci farmar by svoje ovce a kozy nevymenil za najdrahsie zlato na svete. Stara sa o zvierata poctivo, rozmaznava ich a odmenou je syr, ktory je taky maly slany zazrak pre kazdeho slovaka, pre kazdeho gurmana! Syr plny dobreho, ktore nase telo chce a plny chuti, ktora je tak jedinecna.

Taktiez doma vieme, ze kefir, to uzasne huste a kysle mlieko so zivymi bakteriami, nam pomoze zostat zdravymi. Kefir robi zazraky pre nas zazivaci trakt a imunitu. Pomaha zlepsovat vykon nasho imunitneho systemu, bojuje proti zlym bakteriam v nasom zazivacom trakte a je naozaj paradnym pomocnikom pri odstranovani zapchy a zapalov v tele. A co naviac, chuti uplne neodolatelne s pecenymi zemiakmi-jedlo mojho stare otca, ktory jedol zemiaky priamo z panvice s tou najstarsou varechou.

A ako by som len nemohla spomenut jednu z tych najzasnejsich potravin ako u ans doma mame?

Mak, uzasne skromny a tak vyborny mak. Keby som mala donasku maku vsade tam, kde sa po svete pohybujem, jedla by som tieto drobnulinke semiacka radosti kazdulinky den. V ziadnej krajine nejedia mak v takyxch mnozstvach ako u nas doma a myslim, ze sme tym aj velmi znami. Sudiac podla makovych usmevv na fotkach :-) Mak mlety je tak uzasna potravina! Najlepsie chuti v strudlach plnenych jablckami a vlasakmi, v pecenych buchtach, sladkych cestovinach – ja ich najradsej vyjedam velkou lyzicou priamo zo sacku alebo ich zmiesam s kokosovym jogurtom. A najnovsie je u nas makova klasika v podobe tohto kolaca-uzasne jemne a stavnate makove kocky.

Mak je plny vapnika, vlakniny, zinku, zeleza, horcika, bielkovinn, omega 3 a 6 mastnych kyselin, plny kyseliny listovej a dalsich uzasnych vitaminov. Je to nieco uzasne, ked si predstavite, ze vsetko toto sa skryva v takych malickych zrnieckach, vsak? Vsetko co potrebujete pre krasne nechty, vlasy, zdrave kosti a stastny traviaci trakt mate pod jednou strechou! :)

Mak pomaha proti nespavosti, napomaha aby vas imunitny sytem zostal silny aj cez chripkove obdobie, pomaha znizovat ten ´zly´ cholesterol v krvi, upokojuje vasu nervovu sustavu.. s tymi priaznivymi ucinkami by som mohla teda pokracovat este dalej.. Je to uzasna potravina, s ktoriu to ale moc neprezente – opium ma na nas ucinky podobne ako droga, ale to by ste toho maku tda naozaj museli jest pozehnane vela. Takze pri normalnych davkach sa nicoho nebojte :)

Tento kolacik je poctou nasmu milovanemu maku. Stavnata makova plnka ochutena skoricou a citronovou korou je zabalena v jemnom maslovom ceste z raznej muky, ktora je plna B vitaminov. O to cesto vlastne ani tak nejde, potrebovala som len nieco lahodne, co by tu uzasnu plnku drzalo pokope. Tak to teda mate tu, vynikajuce makove kocky.

Ak trpite nedostatkom zeleza alebo ak su vase nechty a vlasy pomalane; ak chcete podat pomocnu ruku vasej imunite v boji proti kadejakym bacilom; zabudnite na tabletky, roznych obtiaznych tvarov a divnych chuti-tieto kocky su omnoho ucinnejsia a krajsia cesta ako si doplnit deficit vitaminov. Nemyslite ?! :-) Su pre vas sialene zdrave, maximalne lahodne, stavnate a navykove. Len to s nimi neprezente, aby ste sa z nich nepredavkovali! :-)

Makové kocky

210 g raznej muky (pouzila som 180g celozrnnej raznej a 30g hladkej raznej muky)
140g poctiveho masla
1 stastne vajicko
1/2 lyzicky jemnej morskej soli
1 lyzicka mediku, poriadneho

200g mleteho maku
200ml plnotucneho kokosoveho mlieka
100ml vody
kora z 1 bio citrona
2 zvitky skorice (mam na mysli skoricu celu:)
2 hviezdicky badianu
1 stastne vajicko
splech rumu alebo viac vanilkoveho extraktu
mleta skorica podla chuti
medik, javorovy sirup alebo ryzovy slad na dosladenie (prve razy som plnku sladila tak lyzicou medu, no posledne razy som plnku varila uplne bez sladidla-skorica, vanilka a kokosove mlieko mi na naturalnu sladkost uplne stacia:)
1-2 jablcka, moze byt nemusi

Najprv si pripravte cesto. V miske si spolu zmiesajte muky a sol. Pridajte na kocky pokrajane maslo, medik a vajicko a rukami vpracujte do muk. Vsetko spolu premiesajte dokym sa cesto nespoji. Mozu vam v ceste zostat aj kusky masla, to je uplne v poriadku. Zabalte do sacku a cesto odlozte do chladnicky aspon na 30 minut. Alebo dokym si nepripravite plnku.

V kastroliku si zmiesajte vodu, kokosove mlieko a mak. Pridajte zvitky skorice, badian a privedte k varu. Ked to vsetko zacne pekne bublat, stiste plamen a varte, dokym vam plnka nezhustne. To by malo trvat asi tak 15-20 minut.

Po dovareni plnky z nej vylovte skoricove zvitky a badian (mozte ich umyt a opat pouzit pri dalsom vasom peceni). Potom vasu plnku osladte, pridajte koru z citrona, vanilku a rum. Plnku ochutnajte a pridajte viac mletej skorice alebo vanilky (alebo rumu?!), ak po tom tuzite. Nechajte vychladnut a vmiesajte do plnky nasekane vlasaky, postruhane jablcko a vajicko. Vsetko spolu poriadne premiesajte.

Ruru si predhrejeme na 180°C. Mensiu stvorcovu formu si vymazeme maslom a vysypeme mukou.

Z chladnicky si vyberte vase cesto. Rozdelte ho na dve casti a kazdu cast rozvalkajte na pomucenej ploche do velkosti vasho plechu.

Preneste jeden vyvalkany plat na spodok formy. Poprepichujte vidlickou. Naneste do formy vasu makovu plnku, povrch vyrovnajte a zakryte zvysnym vyvalkanym cestom. Opat poprepichujte vidlickou. Cesto potrite rozlahanym vajickom alebo roztopenym maslom a pecte vo vyhriatej rure asi 30 minut do zlatova a krasne vonvana.

Kolac krajajte vychladnuty a podavajte s nasekanymi vlasakmi a mozno aj s lyzicou dobreho husteho jogurtu. Ak kolac servirujete chlapom, polejte ho troskou medu alebo javorovym sirupom.

Nech vam chuti!


2 thoughts on “Poppy Seed Squares and Superfoods. Makové kocky a superfoods.

  1. Semena maku neobsahuju opiove alkaloidy,takze o predavkovanie sa bat netreba. Si to pripadne opravte. Recept vyzera chutne,dtfam,ze sa mi podari vyskusat. Nemavam doma kokosove mlieko,cim by som ho mohla nahradit? Vdaka.


  2. To opium bolo pouzite na odlahcenie atmosfery citania :-) ale dakujem za info!:)
    Kokosove mlieko by ste mohli nahradit hocijakym inym (najlepšie tucnym), mozno kravskym. Ale potom by som odporucala pridat viacej sladidla-vsetko podla chutí. Verím, že kolacik vám bude chutit!
    Dakujem za komentar a prajem dobrú chuť! :-)


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