Chocolate Creme de Pots

This recipe is dedicated to all of you, chocolate lovers.
Delicate, decadent and silky smooth chocolate cream that´s gently baked in water bath to reach the desired creaminess. Then refrigerated until beautifully cold and served with a spoonful of creme fraiche. Each spoonfull of this chocolate heaven will tickle your tastebuds and your body will scream with happiness and joy.
Are you hooked ? :)
This dessert comes from France and literally means ´pot of creme´. Fancy dessert that dates back to the 17th century when custards have started being baked. The whole world is addicted on those. Especially in the form of a creme brulee. And this is exactly that. Chocolatey goodness baked in ramekins, only without the crackling top.
Many people think you need some kind of a pastry degree to be able to bake like they do in France. But, however fancy this dessert looks and sounds like, you only need a few ingredients.
Make sure you will use the best chocolate you can find as you are about to nourish your body and soul with it. Remember that your body is your temple, so nourish it properly. With cosy blanket and (one) chocolate pot de creme.
You can flavour it however you like, really. But because I love Turkish and Moroccan spices and flavours, I have decided to go for the amazing combo of orange zest, toasted pistachios and rose petals that borrow its delicate and light scent to the whole dessert.
I made them with cherries as well, which is another smashing combo. You can try adding a bit of chilli and cinnamon to it to get some Mexican heatwave into it. :)
Enjoy, my dear friends!
Chocolate Creme de Pots
1 cup coconut milk (full-fat and organic)
2 beautiful egg yolks
pinch of sea salt
1 vanilla bean, split lengthways and seeds scraped out
100 g very dark chocolate (I used 85% fairtrade and organic one)
1 tbls maple syrup (optional)
extra flavourings: zest of 1 orange, cherries (pitted), toasted pistachios, rose petals, raspberries, creme fraiche or natural thick yoghurt
Preheat the oven to 160°C  without fan or 140°C with fan.
Put coconut milk into a pan with pinch of sea salt, vanilla bean and vanilla seeds. Bring to a gentle simmer.
Meantime, whisk the egg yolks with maple syrup if using.
Roughly chop your chocolate.
When your milk is just below its boiling point and small bubles start to appear on the surface, take it off the heat, discard the vanilla bean and put the chopped chocolate into the pan. Let the chocolate sit in the pan for a while, then mix it in, making sure it is all melted and that it looks incredible.
While constantly whisking the egg yolks, start pouring the chocolate mixture in the bowl, slowly. You should end up with something  that looks like a chocolate perfection.
If you want to add any flavouring to the chocolate, no it´s the time. Mix in grated zest of  organic orange or chilli flakes, or a bit of cinnamon. If you want to get chocolate cherry pots de creme, put a few pitted cherries on the bottom of your ramekins.
Put baking ramekins into a deep baking tray/dish. Fill the dish with boiling water. Divide the chocolate mixture evenly into your prepared ramekins (this will be enough for 6 small baking ramekins).
Carefully put the baking dish into the oven and bake for about 30 minutes, until set but still a bit wobbly in the middle.
When baked, remove the cups from thewater bath, let cool and refridgerate until cold.
Serve with creme fraiche, yoghurt or cream and with some fresh raspberries (or more cherries with shaved chocolate), toasted and chopped pistachios and sprinkling of rose petals.
Cokoladovy krem – Chocolate Creme de pots
1 salka kokosoveho mlieka (plnotucne a organicke)
2 krasne zltka (najlepsie od domacich sliepok)
stipka morskej soli
1 vanilkovy struk, rozpoleny s vyskrabkanymi semienkami
100g velmi kvalitnej horkej cokolady (pouzila som 85% fair trade organicku cokoladu)
1 lyzica javoroveho sirupu (individualne pre extra sladku a jemne karamelovu chut)
Prichute: postruhana kora z 1 bio pomaranca, opecene pistacie, lupienky ruzi, cerstve maliny, ceresne, creme fraiche alebo iny poriadne husty naturalny jogurt
Predhrejeme si ruru na 160°C (bez ventilatora).
Do vacsieho kastrolika si dame zohriat kokosove mlieko spolu so stipkou soli, vanilkovymi semienkami a vanilkovym strukom. Zohrievame, dokym sa na povrchu mlieka nezacnu vytvarat male bublinky.
Medzitym si v mise vymiesame zltka s javorovym sirupom (ak pouzivame).
Posekame cokoladu na vacsie kusy.
Ked je mlieko pod bodom varu, stiahneme kastrolik z ohna, vytiahneme z neho vanilkovy struk a nasypeme do mlieka posekanu cokoladu. Nechame chvilku postat a potom pomalymi pohybmi jemne vmiesavame roztopenu cokoladu do mlieka, az kym nam nevznikne uzasne leskle, vonave a krasne cokoladove mlieko.
Za staleho miesania zacneme pomalicky liat cokoladove mlieko do misky so zltkami. Cele to poriadne premiesame. Ak chceme cokoladu nejako ochutit, spravime tak teraz. Odporucam postruhanu koru z pomaranca, popripadne chilli vlocky alebo trosku skorice. Ak chcete, na spodok misticiek mozte poukladat vykostkovane polovicky ceresni, ktore chutia neskutocne dobre v spojeni s cokoladou.
Do hlbokeho pekaca polozime  6 malych, zapekacich misticiek. Misticky naplnime nasou uzasnou cokoladovou zmesou, asi tak do 2/3. Pekac vyplnime horucou vodou priamo z kanvice a pomalicky ho cely premiestnime do vyhriatej rury. Pecieme cca 30 minut. Krem by mal byt pevny, no ked jemne potriaseme mistickou, mal by sa na povrchu triast ako zelatina :) Vyberieme z rury a misticky vyberieme z vodneho kupela. Nechame vychladnut a premiestnime do chladnicky, kde ho nechame dokym uplne nevychladne.
Pred podavanim ho ozdobime lyzickou creme fraiche alebo naturalnym jogurtom, posypeme cerstvymi ceresnami a nastruhanou cokoladou. Alebp nan poukladame cerstve maliny, posypeme oprazenymi a posekanymi pistaciami a posypeme listkami ruzi.



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