Spiced-up Orange Smoothie



I believe that the food we eat can heal us, keep us happy, give us energy and bring us a looong vitality.
When our bodies are exposed to toxins, when we find ourselves living in a stressful environment, our bodies can very easily shut down. That´s when we have the tendency to start taking pills that are meant to bring our strength back in a few minutes. When we are sick, nothing is more importnat then getting our vitality and health back and on the other hand, when one being healthy, there is no such a thing as a healthy mind and body.
So instead of taking pills that are giving you hard times when swallowing them, try something better, nutritious, healing and very yummy. Ehm, smoothies, for example! Only one glass of some delicious smoothie can give you all your body needs. If you pack it properly with nutrients, it can nourish you and make you feel amazing. So why not to give it a try from time to time?
Oh, it will make you feel like a real bartender. Mixing, blending, tasting, adding things to it and feeling proud is what I am talking about! :)

When I makesmoothies, me and my boy-we exchange our roles. He is the one who tastes them, who tells me what might be missing in the ´drink´, if it looks all right and not like a born mud (that´s what happens when you mix greens and berries together – one big brown mess, so be carefull, you eat with your eyes first.). Exactly what I do when he mixes the real stuff with some alcohol content in it. Actually, that´s the only time I drink. When testing my boy´s drink. He is doing great, btw. The bar he works in totally dragged him into its spirit beauty.

So, getting to the point..
I´ve experimented a bit with smoothies lately (you´ll see my upcoming posts, so stay tuned!) and today, right now, I want to show you this easy-peasy recipe for one of my favourite imune boosting smoothie recipes.
It´s really delicious, refreshing and it brings a bit of a heat to the body.

The main ingredients are citruses (orange, lemon), carrot and spices with anti-immflamatory and anti-bacterial properties.
Citruses are an excellent source of vitamin C which helps our body with fighting against bacterial infections.
Carrots contain vitamin A that helps promote vision and which supports a healthy immune system.
The great spice called Turmenic is one of the stars in this smoothie. With its anti-immplamatory, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and detoxifying properties is one of the spices that really can get it moving in our degistive tract. It prevents cancer and it´s something like a nutritional powerhouse – rich in manganese, zinc, B vitamins and iron. Yes, amazing! Oh, and the colour is fantastic! But, be carefull, it stains.
I´ve brought the ´heat´ up with ginger as well. Ginger helps to boost immune functions. It´s a gut friendly spice – it helps relieving bloating, cramping.
I finished up the whole ´drink´ with kefir (which is a fermented milk with live bacterias). Fermented foods contain probiotics (live microorganisms) that help protect our digestive system. The word probiotic means ´for life´ so these kind of foods are life giving to your health. Another reason why to love natural yoghurts, kefirs, sauerkraut and many more.

Please enjoy this drink. It´s for you, only for you.
I wouldn´t think I´d say this one day, but ´Happy drinking´!

Spiced-up Orange Smoothie

(Serves 2, but I could easily drink it all by myself)

1 whole orange, peeled
1 carrot, washed (and peeled if not organic or from your garden:)
1 thumb size pieces of ginger (or more, if you like the heat)
1 tsp ground turmenic
juice of 1/2 lemon
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
1/2 cup water (filtered)
kefir (about 3 cups)

Blend together orange, carrot, ginger and the spices. Add water and blend. Taste and adjust the flavours.
Pour kefir into glasses and layer your smoothie part on top nicely to make it look gorgeous.
Drizzle with spoonful of tahini, or blend in some soaked nuts or seeds (walnuts, almonds and sunflower seeds work nice here.) and sprinkle with cayenne pepper.
Serve and enjoy every sip. :)


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