Beautiful Breakfast Berry Parfait

I was able to travel around Devon (one of the British counties) a bit in the last couple of weeks. I am telling you, if you will ever go to England, especially to the west part of country and if you love wholesome and hearty food, you have to visit Totnes (and then take a ferry to get to Dartmouth, which is Venice-like city). Totnes is such a great hippie-like-city, where any visitor feels like being back in time. When walking through little narrow streets I felt like the city just dragged me into its history. This place is packed with boutiques, vintage shops, vegetarian and vegan restaurants, with cafes where they offer the best fair-trade coffee of all times, with local farmers who sell their best-of-the-best vegetables and fruit on every corner. When you look at the buildings, no human hand was used to reconstruct them, they are all made out of bricks, they are all different and beautiful. If you´ll ever look for freedom, peace and quite (I think that´s what people look for when they go somehwere for their holiday, isn´t it?) this is the place you want to go to. Oh, did I mention that there are beautiful fields of real vegetables and fruit all around the town? This city really impressed me with its every brick..

You can see beautiful green fields with some cows over there as well.
When looking at this picture, it seems like there is no such a thing as a busy lifestyle-

I am a girl of an action and spontaneous decisions. Thanksfully, my boy totally understands that.
After couple of weeks of deciding and with the desire to change our lives a bit (again) we quit our jobs. I believe it is time for us to move to a new direction and give my boy a chance to fulfill his dream. He got a job in a really nice coctail bar (and I´d say a pretty prestige one) in the oldest Gin distillery, in Plymouth. The oldest Gin is being made over there. It is actually the oldest working distillery in the world. So yes, this job will give him anything he ever dreamt about. And, I must say we are really excited to live in a such a big city for a while.

Half of our things from our old apartment have been moved to our new one. I still don´t know how I was able to pack all of my 15 486 different seeds and nuts in such a hot weather. English weather has been treating us amazingly, we´ve been having hot and sunny days for about 2 weeks. Yes, it feels really nice. It´s like summer is officially in the house! And, that´s a reason for light, refreshing and delicate breakfast. Silky smooth avocado and yoghurt parfait sounds just about right. Ladies and Gentlemen, let´s meet the king of all parfaits.

Beautiful Breakfast Berry Parfait
(Serves 2)
1 ripe avocado
1 cup natural, thick, plain yoghurt of your choice (or coconut milk)
1 banana, ripe
2 cups fresh or frozen berries (raspberries are super yummy!)
2 tbls chia seeds
honey to taste (optional)
coconut shavings, lightly toasted

Put your fruit into a bowl, mash it with fork, mix in the chia seeds and put to the fridge.

In one bowl, blend together avocado and 1/2 cup of yoghurt.

In another bowl, blend together remaining 1/2 cup of yoghurt with banana.

When your ready, you can start with putting all your beautiful layers together. Let your creativity  guide you! :)
You can start with putting berry ´jam´ on the bottom of your glass/jar, top it up with avocado blend and finish up with banana mixture. Top it all up with coconut shavings.
You can make this before you go to bed and there will be beautiful breakfast ready for you as soon as you wake up. Sounds amazing.

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