Because when I have day off from work, I try to slow down a bit and dedicate some time only to myself and my boy. That´s how it was about two days ago. We woke up to a beautiful morning, went out for a nice walk (there is a river which flows by our apartament and a pathwalk that guides you through wild and beautiful nature where squirrels keep snacking on nuts anytime you find yourself there), we´ve done some shopping (veggie and nut shopping!) and got ourselves cozy at a local coffee shop onwards.
That´s the thing. We could spend hours and days, just sitting, sipping some tea-licious blends of herbs or enjoying a strong coffee and dreaming about places we want to go, things we want to try. It wasn´t any different this time. We caught overselves dreaming about travelling through England, getting up north, visiting Scotland and Wales, enjoying company of one another. Simply, there is no better place where you could let your dreams release than in a cozy little coffee shope, filled with the beautiful aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
After spending about 3 hours with our heads in the clouds, we decided it was the perfect time for some dinner. We got out of the coffee shop and walked by some restaurants, whn I saw a mexican one that just opened. The decision was made, that night we went to celebrte life with spices and chillies.

Oven baked nachos, topped with melted cheese, jalapenos, sour cream, guacamole and salsa;
baked enchilada stuffed with grilled vegetables, mexican rice, tomatoe salsa with chilli, served with fresh salad and some crispy potato wedges,
my boy´s burger with spicy toppings and fresh salad (that I stayed away from);

The food was excellent and will be going there again soon! We finally enjoyed some great quality food (of course that the one I make at home is delicious too!:) and let our laughter fill up the empty restaurant. It was another perfect (and spicy) night with my boy.

With mexican food in my belly and spicy thoughts in my head, I continued with making myself some mexican inspired dishes these days. (Evene my skype date the other day was spicy, I talked with my friend, who is enjoying her Erasmus year in Spain-btw, skyping with her was the best decision of the day, it made me feel truly happy and filled with joy, laughter and happiness.Thanks Alex, buena suerte!

So, just to bring you some of the ´viva mexico´ taste, here is the recipe for Guacamole. Inspired by the South American natives and my amazing mum, who lives in Costa Rica right now. Gracias a todos!



1 ripe avocado
cherry tomatoes
onion, I used red onion because I love the taste of it
fresh lemon juice
freshly ground pepper
sea salt

By using spoon, take out the flesh of avocado and slightly mash with fork (letting some bigger pieces in there). Cut up the onion and cherry tomatoes into small pieces. Add to the mashed avocado along with lemon juice, salt and pepper. Mix through, adjusting the flavours according your taste.
Serve with tortilla chips or with slices of some really nice bread.


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