Berry and Coconut Spring Cake

I can´t believe that it´s been  almost 2 weeks since I have moved to England. The time goes by extremely fast! If anybody has the power to stop the time or at least to make it go slower, I´ll send him this amazing piece of cake! Anybody?
England has been showing off with its beautiful and sunny weather for this past 2 weeks. And since I´ve got som basic equipment to our kitchen, it was time for a cake after a really long time. Here it is, I am introducing you the ultimate cake for celebrating the first days of Spring. You´ ll love the simplicity of this cake, it doesn´t need to baked and you can easily make it in a few minutes. Oh, did I mention it tastes delicious and heavenly?
So, if you are obsessed with coconut as much as I am these, or if you love berries, it is the right cake for you. :)

Berry and Coconut Spring Cake
(Inspirated by Sarah Wilson, IQS)

1/3cup coconut oil, organic
80 g salted butter
1/3 shredded coconut/coconut flakes (I used both for crunchier texture)
handful berries
2 tbls good quality cocoa
2-3 tbls honey, organic or homemade (it just tastes better)

Line baking pan or deep plate with baking paper. Mix berries and coconut and put them on tray.
Melt coconut oil and butter in a pan.When all melted, mix in honey and cocoa. Pour the mixture over your berries and coconut and put in fridge until firm.
Tastes like a piece of heaven, higly recommend!



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