Overnight Oats with Strawberry Sauce and Toasted Sunflower Seeds.

Waking up at 2am in the morning, getting to the train station, taking a 3 hour train ride and waiting at the airport for more than  hours( and we are still not in England yet!). That needs a huge breakfast!
So I made mine. I made myself this amazing oats, full of flavours, seeds, strawberry sauce and topped with toasted sunflower seeds.
I know that there are days when you just don´t have any time left for making yourself a great bowl of porridge or bunch of pancakes. And this recipe is the solution. While you take you´re beauty sleep, these oats ´cook´ for you by themselves. You just throw all of the ingredients you want there to be the night before, mix them up and when there will be a lazy morning with no time on your hands, you´ll take it and eatit! So simple!
I just enjoyed my overnight oats at the airport (you don´t need to enjoy yours at the airport as well, but you´re welcomed to:) and I´m heading to London with my boy for new adventures!


Overnight oats.

The only thing you have to remember is mixing dry ingredients with wet ingredients (1:1).

1 cup oats and seeds of your choice
1 cup milk
pinch of cinnamon
1 tsp honey or as much as you like according your taste
some fresh or frozen fruit
toasted seeds for decorating and extra yumminess and extra crunch

Mix all of the ingredients together, put into a jar, cover overnight. In the morning put some fresh fruit on top(or make a sauce by heating up frozen fruit until there is not much liquid), sprinkle with toasted seeds and enjoy. Yum!

Ps. Talk to you soon from England!


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