Bábovka s Jogurtom. Pound Cake with Yogurt.

Happy morning, guys! In my aim to live healthily ever after, I try to bring easy and healthy(and yummy!) recipes for cooking meals and baking CAKES to my life every day (and to my blog). If you are one of the thousands of people who decided to do live a healthy and happy life, welcome aboard. I know that there are so many temptation for you each day out there, but be strong. Maybe you have desire for eating that fabulous looking cake on the kitchen counter, which is covered in chocolate and which is literally calling you and hypnotizing you by its irresistible look (we´ve all been there), maybe you do want to snack on chips and pieces of bacon while watching amazing american TV shows(you guys have one of the best shows, thank you America for this). And maybe, you really want to change your life, step by step and start becoming a better person to yourself, start feeling alive. We all know it´s hard, so keep being on your path and stay strong and healthy. And happy J
(This wasn´t a part from the Bible, these words weren´t the words you would hear from your parents back in days nor this was some manual how to live. These are my kind of a words of wisdom for having healthier lives and my way of spreading some health around me J)
I´m showing you a really nice recipe, for anyone who struggles with the question ´What to bake for family?´. This recipe is for busy mums, because they can whip up this cake within a few minutes, this recipe is for each one of you, who wants to have no regrets after eating something sweet.
The secret ingredient in this pound cake is OAT. Simply looking oats. And trust me, they do taste great in cakes. Of course, not when they are cooked in water, but baked with so many other delicious foods and aromas. And, did you, when eating oats, you´re building muscles, strong hair and nails and that you´re giving you´re body some happiness? Miracle? No. Just oats and a piece of your soul. Happy baking!
Jogurtová bábovka. Pound Cake with Yoghurt.
3 cups oat flour(you can easily make your own by grinding old-fashioned oats)
1 cup good quality olive oil
1 cup white yogurt
3/4 cup unrefined brown sugar
3 eggs, free range
2 tsp baking powder (without phosphates)
1 tsp vanilla extract
zest of one organic lemon
juice of half of a lemon
pinch of sea salt
½ cup raisins
½ cup chopped walnuts
Preheat oven to 160°C.
Grease your baking form and sift bread crumbs all over the baking form.
Mix all of the ingredients together and pour into the baking form.
Bake for about 50-60 minutes and let cool in the baking form.
Transfer to a serving plate, sprinkle with some powdered sugar (you can easily grind your own) or pour over some melted dark chocolate.
Trust me. As simple this looks, that delicious it is! And, what´s more, nobody knows its made out of oats.
Happy weekend, happy baking!



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