Chocolate, sweet chocolate.

After exactly two beautiful weeks spent in Slovakia, I’ve had an amazing day with my amazing mother. This whole day was only about us. We were walking around the city, we went to some us-related-shops and after we went to this really welcoming and heart-warming chocolateria, where we just chatted and enjoyed company of one another. It was beautiful.

And, just to introduce you my mother. She is this wonderful, 30something year old woman, who had to overcome so many different obstacles life was giving her. She somehow always finds a way how to face different problems, she has the special power and energy for making her life the best it can possibly be. Even though it takes her everything she has. Our relationship couldn’t be any better-she is my sister I’ve never had, she is the best fried one can have. I can’t imagine not even one without thinking about her. She gave me life, she keeps showing me the hidden beauties of this world when I can not see them.

So, we were just talking and laughing about things some people don’t even find to be funny, we talked about all the little details we love in our lives. And while talking, we entered into this little chocolateria that’s located in our city Martin. We ordered hot chocolate to sweeten our lives a bit more. Hot chocolate that contained over 70% of dark chocolate. 80grams in a cup per each of us. (This little chocolateria is situated in Martin,Slovakia and I fully recommend this place for everybody who has desire to pamper his/her heart and mind with something so chocolately delicious! This 80grams of chocolate gives you all you need.The right amount of sweeteness, the smell of a pure belgian chocolate, the warmth when holding the cup and the satisfaction you’ve got when having something so deliciously real(and let’s say, pretty healthy!) This lovely couple who greets you everytime you walk in (with their wide smiles) offers you a great range of chocolate flavours you can add to your hot chocolate.) 
Me and my mum tried only dark chocolate that night, one with pistachios  and ginger and the other one with whiskey and chilli spices. Can you imagine that flavours bursting out of the two cups of chocolate? Unbelievable tasty! Let me tell you, that after so many days about dreaming of real chocolate, I finally fullfilled my dreams about the taste my mind needed to experience. 
And what’s more-> chocolate gives you so many healthy benefits! A healthier heart, weight loss, diabetes prevention, stress reduction, sun protection, higher intelligence, cough relief, diarrhea relief and a happier life! 
(Chocolate that contains more than 70% cocoa solids.)
So, dear readers, eat chocolate end be healthy; a.k.a. another reason to eat chocolate. :)

ps. I´m loving vintage! what´s an oldie, it´s a goodie! 


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