Time to cook, time to bake, time to nourish ourselves.

After one (and I´d say pretty succesfull among ´my people´) blog, it´s time to start with another one.Another blog, which reflects another chapter of my life,something I can´t live without. It´s something that makes me who I am, it is something I enjoy doing the most, something I am addicted to. It´s baking. It´s cooking. And, of course, it´s eating! Eating great food, which is prepared with all the love one can put into it.

You know, there is something special about cooking, baking and preparing meals for the ones you love with all your heart. It´s about the feeling when people gather around a table to appreciate the company of one another,or about enjoying a piece of cake on a quiet Sunday afternoon. And also, there is something more about it. When I am in the kitchen I try to put everything I´ve got into the cake or meal I prepare.And when I give it the final touch and bring it over to friends and family, it feels amazing. You create something so special, that helps people forget about everything they cope with. It helps them to stop in time for a minute or two so they can realize that the moments in life are precious. And that´s the reason I bake, cook and spend an enormous time in the kitchen. To help people remind the amazing taste of the world.
Dear readers,
put your apron on, enter your kitchen, turn the oven on and.. cook your heart out! And mostly, never stop having fun.

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